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Happy Cream Cheese Icing! I mean, Happy New Year :)

Well, its that time of year…. for a lot of people. (I’m talking about baking season). I really, really love to cook, but I’ve never been one to bake much until this year. ┬áSo I mentioned that I’ve never baked anything from scratch and my friends have been encouraging me to do it since. I’ve...

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Images and Words: Don’t Forget to Put the Key Beneath the Night

I’m excited to announce my first downloadable collection of images and prose, “Don’t Forget to Put the Key Beneath the Night”. With a collection of images taken at Hocking Hills here in Ohio and a story built from choppy prose, you can get this 34-page .pdf to read for just $3 on your computer or...

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Inspired: Child Fashion

I AM TERRIBLE AT MAKING UP MY MIND In preparation for a child fashion editorial this coming Saturday, I have been studying other photographers, gathering inspiration, and basically still deciding exactly how I want to setup over the next couple of days. I will be shooting a line of flower-girl dresses that remind me of...

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PILGRIMS It is always the same quest And the forest is heavy with wrongdoing. Look; Hindsight. Your ego was lying… One perfect day You were defeated You became small You met your match Little did you know He would latch on Make sure you were deserving (You deserve it). There is good news today A...

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passion, hard work, and determination

NICE SURPRISES The goal was to find a space in Cambridge, Ohio by the time spring rolled around. It is amazing how things just happen when you least expect them to; a space in Zanesville presented itself and let’s just say I got an early Christmas gift by signing a new lease, after seeking a...

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J O I N   M I C H E L L E