A California Wedding

California. Never been. Maybe I need to travel more. Maybe I’m fine right where I sit, here where I know my son is safe and I can comfort him if he needs me.  Weddings, enjoy photographing these very much. Airports, don’t enjoy the chaos so much. Weddings are like airports. Rushing rushing, to get where you are going. Wedding aisles = airplane isles. Yes. No. Yes?

Love in general. Possibilities. Everything has potential. I need to change some things. Little strange string dolls on keychains to comfort me. Guardian angel figurines that Grandmother gave us. Jeremy Enigk’s voice, warm embraces, together. Empty house every night and the curtains are opened with the lights on. Downtown. This place is new and I like it. This time is special. A special time to change our thinking. To make things better than ever, to work harder than we know how, to get closer to where we are going.  To make it to California in one piece.

More time for family. Missing is the uncomfortable norm, but being missed is nice. Being trusted is nicer. Being needed is less significant than being wanted. Knowing what you want. Knowing anything at all.

Guitars and violins and I couldn’t play my piano right now without some tears most likely. It happens. We are human. We feel. We lose. We win.

Do we all go through this whirlwind of thoughts before flying or do we all just collectively pretend to be strong about everything. Are we ever really strong?

What is ‘strong’ ????

What is ‘wrong’ ????

Where do you ‘belong’ ????

It is time to admit some things. Grateful. Distant. Calm. Wreckless. Together. Grounded. Free. Pursuit.

Soup. Fresh vegetables. Warm liquids. Comfort. Certain smiles. Riding bikes for miles. Margaritas. Consumption of each of these things {especially comfort}.

Comfort, the act of comforting, and being comforted. Sincere eyes. Experience. Doing what you love because you love it and not because you want to be loved. The energy of positive thinkers affecting one another. Earth and sky and how and why. Getting by.

The journey versus where you end up. “Everything is going to be okay.”

Airports bringing lovers together again, and me to photograph them. See you soon, Fresno.


© Michelle Black June 2011


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Kina WilliamsJune 16, 2011 - 10:05 am

Congratulations Michelle! For stretching yourself…pushing your own boundaries, exploring yourself and the world around you! I hope you have a WONDERFUL flight to Cali and that your time spent in the Golden state is exactly what you need!! CHEERS!!

Dezarai loveJune 16, 2011 - 11:11 pm

Mystery,questions.Some answers are never found and thats an amazing thing and you are amazing woman.I can’t wait to see your pictures of the wedding.Have fun!(in my state),sweet girl.Sending love and peace your way…dezy

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