A Stranger.

Last month I traveled to Indiana to photograph the vow renewal of John and Janie Yoder at Imagination Photography (will be posting those photos soon). Still, I need to add that it was an absolute pleasure to attend and observe that amazing couple and their friends, wow. Take a look at the “Get Excited” video that the two directed and filmed for their guests, and be ready for tears. I’m also humbled and grateful to call them friends of mine.

On my way home from the lovely celebration, I made a stop in Fort Wayne, IN to visit a long-time friend. Coffee was calling my name, and I had some Philosophy homework to complete so I went downtown to Starbucks and set up my mobile office on one of their couches. Why is it that the mind starts to wander when it is required to focus? Well, that was happening to me as I sat typing, deleting, typing, deleting. I simply could not articulate my thoughts and the couple sitting next to me was distracting; I watched as they acknowledged they had known one another from some time ago and started playing catch up.

You could call this eavesdropping, but the moment called out to me and naturally warmed my heart; Their body language was so welcoming and warm, her smiles and laughter were lighting up the place. I admit… I snagged a photo of them and added it to my Instagram Gallery. I couldn’t help myself.

Shortly after I took the photograph, the sweetest girl sat next to me and started a conversation (on one of those pretty burgundy chairs shown in the photo above). Just like that — she and I were discussing all sorts of things.  I had about an hour to kill before meeting up with my friend, and Beautiful Stranger asked if I wanted to check out a park and gallery nearby.

There are so many people out there that we can learn from and make connections with… all of them, in fact, when we can quiet our own agenda enough to let someone else’s world influence what we already (think we) know, need to do, should be doing. You’re guaranteed to walk away with new knowledge and a new perspective if you slow down and quiet your own mind. Allowing for mediums of exchange in our every day lives is so valuable — it supersedes the concept of ‘give and take’ entirely.

I’m really grateful to have met her and shared an hour together during which she trusted me to be a part of her world.

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Janie YoderDecember 13, 2012 - 2:20 pm

i love this and you.

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