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Amy and I have been slowly (but steadily) getting acquainted over the past year. When she contacted me exclaiming – “I need my Michelle fix!” I knew an inspiring day was sure to commence, since I felt that I needed my “Amy fix” in return. We had quite the lovely morning at the Granville, Ohio Farmer’s Market (photos of that will be posted soon). The Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday morning in downtown Granville, for those of you interested in attending. There are some GREAT vendors there, I highly recommend it and was blown away by the turnout.

Getting back on track now. So… by noon she and her husband, Ryan, were serving me pastries and mimosas at their new farmhouse in the country (and I wasn’t complaining). While Amy was eager to show me the property and tell me all about her visions for the space both inside and outdoors, I was secretly plotting to capture some portraits of her essence. Then again, carrying around a gigantic DSLR and snapping pictures of her throughout the day wasn’t very discreet of me, now that I think about it….. If you haven’t met Amy, she really comes to life when she is talking about her work and vision. What a special person! *BIG SMILE*.

I helped Amy organize a workshop last year at her old studio in downtown Columbus, and am pleased to say that she’s invited me to teach at her new farmhouse which she and Ryan (appropriately) named Atelier. Nothing concrete for me in the works at the moment, although I have been conceptualizing a bit. Amy has taught a couple small classes already this year and the result has been comfortable and inspiring groups of lovely people. She is so accommodating and can I just say downright snazzy in her hostessing ability. Unfortunately during my personal tour I passed up the ziplining opportunity because my hands were sweating and the handles were rather smooth. Or maybe I was being a wuss. Either way, she has NEW hand grips and next time around I’m ALL OVER IT, y’all;)

Additionally, I’m happy to say that I totally caught her in the act of flower picking, creek-wading, and even daydreaming while gazing out at a piece of her new property. Sorry Amy, I have no choice but to share them, you’re just too beautiful inside and out to keep them from everyone!

And here she is, at Atelier, where I’ll actually be later this evening enjoying a bonfire under the stars with live performance by Whetherman!


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AmyJune 21, 2012 - 12:50 pm

Michelle, oh my gosh!!! So I saw this post while I was waiting at the car dealership. I was praying the guy would take his dear sweet time because my eyes were welling up with tears as I read your post. I knew you were taking some photos, but had no idea it was to this extent. Thanks *so* much for coming out and being such an authentically awesome person…love you!!! :)

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