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Sentimental Sunday: Feb 02 Ed.


    My Meditation setup <3 Do you have a photo of yours you’d like to share?? Happy Sunday SAVE ARTICLE AS .PDF for free!

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Offering Guidance to our Children

From a Fall Session | 2013 <3 Parenting… what a learning experience! What we show them as they mature will forever echo; through their actions toward others, in their decisions, in their conscious and subconscious mind (awareness). We have the option to choose actions that will inspire our children. The words we choose are only...

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Growing Into Your Cautious Heart

  There are moments when we’ve all been a bit naive. Maybe it was giving others the benefit of the doubt, ¬†or over-anticiping an end result, or trusting someone with harmful intentions…. whatever the case, as time passes we learn to be more careful. You can still offer kindness and love without being naive, and...

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Sentimental Sunday | Jan 26 Ed.

  Just some selected images from a November lifestyle family session. Have a nice, relaxing Sunday, everyone : )   Looking forward to more of these this year! SAVE ARTICLE AS .PDF for free!

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Follow Through, You Can

  This wasn’t what I had planned for the blog today, so perhaps someone out there is calling out to hear it. This morning’s meditation was a bit more focused than some in the past, it led me to write this almost immediately following. 5 a.m. is my call time everyday, the time of day...

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” Let me Tell You What I Mean When I Say Love… ”

We continue to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for spreading the message of unconditional love. He was inspired by many, loved and admired by many. This morning, I read some of MLK’s thoughts on love and decided to share this quote:   “[Agape] is the overflowing love which seeks nothing in return. And when...

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Handling Gossip with Gracefulness

  It is human nature to discuss other human beings with one another: to inquire about them, to be fascinated by them, to love or dislike them. Some of the world’s most successful print and web publications base their content on gossip. Sometimes it seems we’re surrounded by gossip and gossipers, and it is likely...

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Quiet | Reflections: Volume One


DIGITAL VERSION (instant download) I have entered the most transcendental phase of my life to date. All collected writings and photographs in this volume were made between 2012 and 2013. While there are stacks of notebooks dating back to 1991, it was important to start off with the most recent writings (you will see why...

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Here’s to Your Health in 2014!

Welcome back! Happy New Year, and I hope yours was safe, fun, and full of enlightenment. Those of you who follow me on Instagram ( @escapetolight_ ) are aware of my passion for promoting wellness — both mental and physical — including simplification of meals and overall living habits, foraging excursions, homemade teas, holistic health,...

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