BBC Planet Earth on a New Level


I’m sure most of you have watched the beautiful series called Planet Earth that was first aired on the BBC in 2006. The film crew spent 5 years documenting the high – def footage. I was pleased to see them using a Nikon D200 in some of the time lapses, not because I work primarily with Nikon but because it goes to show that if you know your gear you can produce ‘miracles’. I’ll call this series a miracle because it combines unexplored terrain with pure art.

I was introduced to the idea of watching the series on mute, while playing an album in place of the narration. Strangely enough, friends and I discovered a perfect match up when we paired the “Caves” episode with Tool’s 10,000 Days album. Of course you need to start the music where the footage begins and the music fits perfectly with the imagery throughout the entire episode. I went on to discover that Beef Terminal’s ‘The Grey Knowledge’ fits just as well with the “Caves” episode. Point being… if you’re looking for a way to sweep yourself away into oblivion with inspiration, try experimenting with different albums paired with different episodes.

My 10 year old son and I enjoyed this phenomenon together lastnight and ordered a pizza; let’s just say he was nothing short of thrilled:)

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