Crystal Clear:


What’s evil, what’s fear

Who’s real

Who’s been there all along

Who’s strong

Who’s only waiting for you to mess up

Who will actually take the time to see

[more than what they want to see or thought they saw initially]


Crystal Clear:


The wars of words and lies are as much a danger

As the wars with guns and spies and strangers

The wars of secrets and games are as much a tragedy

As the wars with bombs and fire and flames


Crystal Clear:


That love is honor


Duty [yes]






[don't give into your fears]


Crystal Clear:


To remain a mystery will raise their curiosity

To offer truth is wisdom for all


Crystal Clear:


Love excludes nothing and encompasses all things

Love rests quietly on the tallest mountain

Watching over land and sky

With glistening eyes

Like ours


Crystal Clear:


Flaws, they plague us all

But they need not be our downfall

We are empires under construction

We crumble under the pressure of perfection


Crystal Clear:


Even when she disappears

It is a certainty that she’s still here.



© August 2011



*I don’t need much. My son, the ones I love, and a notebook / pen will do. So I’m admitting I could actually survive without a camera.*

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