Forest, in the City

I feel like a different person from who I was even a year ago. The “perfect” townhouse in downtown Zanesville within walking distance from one of the most unique studios I’ve ever seen, that became my place of work, definitely spoiled me a bit. However, I soon came to the realization that these things were material, temporary, and contributing absolutely nothing to my conscience or growth as a person. I could feel change coming but had no clue that it would be the choice to return to college. So, rearranging everything just sort of happened on its own. The reason I photograph becomes more apparent every day; to study people and the world around me is a treasure and to do it as a profession is a gift… but professions come and go and what keeps us alive must be constantly tended to. I take my cameras with me everywhere I go. The essence of a photograph should be about what can be learned – about self and others and culture and nature and anything anyone can think of. I’ve felt no greater contentment than in downsizing to live the life of a “poor college student” – working less and studying more – in order to grow as a person and absorb this new knowledge. And in addition, it is truly giving my work as a photographer new life and purpose! Not sure where I’ll end up, but I’m listening to the Universe and letting things happen without much interference. Going with it. Following that thing called intuition, as much as I can and as best as I can.

The importance of a camera cannot be measured. It has given us the ability to tell stories about tragedy, to serve as reminders about wonderful moments in the history of our families, to explore the universe and planets, even the building blocks of our very bodies. I think I’m more excited about cameras now than I was when I started!

Interestingly enough, this is my backyard.

Thought I would share the bit of magic I get to see at sunset, the light coming perfectly through the trees like a scene from Lord of the Rings.┬áIt’s funny I chose to move to the city, but ended up in what feels like the forest! Still much to explore and busy with college, but it feels so comfortable here I’m certain the stay will be long-term. My 10 year old son is having mixed feelings, but any move to another city is a major change so the apprehension is understandable. With our frequent visits to the pool and many parks in the area, he is starting to feel right at home, especially with his cousin just minutes from us, and a new puppy at his Dad’s house:)

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