May the Rain Fall in Torrents



Air is cold, love is near

And conversation awaits.

What fate is sealed, what is left to contemplate?

(All things. Shan’t we draw out our minds onto paper?)


Neither experts nor amateurs exist;

There are no definitions. There is no sacrifice.

Even giving and taking carves out stone sculptures where we once stood breathing.


What is all too misunderstood

Is that simple four letter word (love)

The one that strips you bare and leaves you completely exposed, hands tied, eyes glistening and wide.

Love can synchronize hearts, it can rip hearts apart.


Still, we insist upon dissecting ourselves and ponder that perfecting situations will help;

In vain.


For bigger than ourselves, and even bigger than love

Is the wide and infinite Universe embracing us

Sustaining us.


Oh, Entertainment and Lust, your waters only drip;

May the rain fall in torrents like scenes from movies wherever there is trust.


There is much to believe in.

Though we have walked along the shore, the ocean speaks and the galaxies await.


© Michelle Black Dec 2012





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