New York City & Long Island


Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect, let the excitement wear off, and resume normal life activities again… here two months later I’m sharing with you my photo journal from my first NYC experience. The trip came about after chatting with my client and dear friend Michael Merritt. We decided to spend a couple of days discussing his new book, taking some fresh photos, and brainstorming. I’ll be blogging some all new portraits of Michael very soon. Speaking of his new book… Being The Christ of Today, it will be available for purchase next month and will then go into book stores sometime this winter. I’m thrilled for him and the success this will bring to his career as a motivational speaker. Aside from writing, just being in Michael’s presence and listening to him talk is always inspiring. He came for a visit recently and before leaving, my friend Megan remarked “Do I owe you anything for this? I feel so great right now after talking with you.” Be sure to bookmark his site and keep an eye on the release date, TBA soon!


You could call me a bit of a country girl – I was raised in the hills of Ohio… riding bikes through the woods and stomping up muddy streams throughout most of my childhood. During my late 20′s / early 30′s I’ve gradually started to enjoy city life. In fact, so much that I can’t see myself ever living in the country again! There’s something about a busy street filled with people walking, living life, that makes you feel connected to humanity. Of course I can’t go long without being connected to nature, either… but the energy of life moving around you is inspiring and moving in a way I didn’t appreciate until more recently, at least not in the same way that I do these days. I’m grateful to know that people are out there connecting and trying to make a difference as opposed to secluding themselves and spending way too much time thinking in their free time. Too much time alone can be deteriorating to the spirit – can make you forget that there are things to work towards and new goals to set everyday.

That was one thing I connected to right away in Long Island… the relaxed pace of life in comparison to downtown NYC roughly 30 minutes away. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of people walking around enjoying themselves here. But you could drive out into the trees or hit quiet beaches pretty much everywhere surrounding the busier streets. Mostly residential, but bursting with positive energy. I’ve heard otherwise, but was impressed with every personality I encountered there. Much bigger than I could visualize, but not as complicated as you’d think, either.


Without saying too much, I just want to share my images with you. I’d prefer in this entry to let the images speak for themselves and leave room for the mind to wander when it comes to anyone who has yet to visit. But I will say that my 9 year old fell in love with both the inner city as well as Long Island and hasn’t stopped talking of it since we left. So I wouldn’t be too intimidated by a nice visit to the area even if you consider yourself a shy country boy or girl:)


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