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Holiday Portraits & a Return of the Studio Session!

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got, Until It’s Gone

When I moved to the Columbus area and chose to leave studio-work behind for awhile, I never imagined how much I would miss it! Looking back through 2011′s Holiday Portraits reminds me of the fun times we always had in that environment. Cookies, cheerful music, and happy children couldn’t be a better compliment to the cold weather this time of year.

Winter Home-Studio

This winter season, in addition to traveling to clients’ homes for lifestyle and family sessions, I’ve decided to bring back studio portrait sessions! I’ll be setting up a home-studio at my apartment in historic downtown Delaware, Ohio. You’re going to love the aesthetic of the space! The home was built in the late 1800′s – the 14′ ceilings and 7.5′ windows throughout the space offer the perfect setting for the work we’ll be doing here.

Cost? Winter Studio Sessions (at my home) will be offered at a flat rate of just $75 (+ $5 per person) beginning November 1, 2013 and will continue at that rate through February 24, 2014.

Holiday Portraits

Yes, I’ll be offering Holiday portraits (mini-sessions + 5 images) both on location as well as in the studio at this rate. Book a session before December 8th to ensure your images are ready before Christmas!



PHONE: 614.427.3734

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I was out foraging for raspberries earlier this year, when I came upon this tree (the one pictured above). Even from a distance I could see the difference in its size compared to the surrounding trees… and not only by its height; the branches were winding out and reaching up so wide it was like witnessing a forever-standing-embrace. When I went closer, I noticed that the roots were equally twisted, some growing out of the Earth. I thought about how many winters, springs, summers, and falls had this Great Tree witnessed!

Suddenly a flood of information came to me. This system of roots, trunk, branches, and leaves has been functioning together perfectly for maybe more than 100 years. Nestled in a wooded lake area, it has likely provided shade for thousands of fishermen, given a place of rest to birds and other little forest-beings.

Watering Your “Roots”

Without a strong sense of acceptance within yourself, it is easy to feel a lot of imbalance when things grow forth from your roots. Sometimes, we plunge our roots into soil that isn’t healthy. We water it, and water it again, yet nothing seems to grow. I read recently over at Expanded Consciousness that dealing with the moment we’re in presently is the only way to get to the next present moment safely and effectively (you can read that post here: “9 Mind Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside Down”). By sewing the seeds of now, we can grow the roots that will lead to a sturdy trunk, from which the branches of every choice we make will extend… some longer and stronger than others. While some of our branches may break along the way, the roots will continue to dig deeper, working with the soil and water deep beneath the surface.

So envision yourself as the tree, the sun and air as the environment that you perceive and take in, and the roots are your conscious awareness (thoughts). Everything is influenced by those thoughts (the roots of your tree), so when they’re healthy and motivated by considering the ‘bigger picture’ — your roots will be healthy, your branches will grow more artfully, more gracefully, and more lush. And don’t forget, the more lush your branches become, the better it is for the health of your environment!

I thought this quote was fitting to close the post:-)

“Progress is rarely straight-forwardly linear.” – Alasdair MacIntyre


Other Recommended Readings to compliment this post: 


Kant on Emotion

MacIntyre on Virtue

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like sunbeams


“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” — Roald Dahl


This image from a recent session got me thinking back to the book, The Giving Tree, by Roald Dahl. It was my younger brother’s favorite childhood book; I can remember reading it to him, and when we’d get to the end he’d say… “again?

I visited Roald Dahl’s official website to find some real “treats” in the ‘Treats’ section… games and even a place to create a Gloriumptious e-card that’s free to send (I sent one to my 11 year old)! Definitely a great website to send your little boy or girl to find e-books, order real books, or get creative!



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October Books Giveaway


Giving away two great books this month! It is interesting how well these two books go together, especially considering I found them each within seconds of the other at the thrift store. The giveaway will run through October 15th, 2013.

“Karma and Other Stories” by Rishi Reddi is the first book, with such beautiful cover art. This book discusses the Indian American community, focusing on cultural tensions and other concerns… technically fiction ( a compilation of short stories ) but very much worthy of the giveaway as it brings to light important factors applicable to our own lives [ which is perfectly suited to the nature of the giveaways! ]. Fiction can be absolutely necessary, so my non-fiction preference for the giveaways was sort of diluted right away after finding this book.

“Celtic Women” by Peter Berresford Ellis is the second book, focusing on “Women in Celtic Society and Literature”. I wanted to quote this tidbit from Chapter 10 as I find it absolutely lovely that the author included a focus on ‘sex and poetry’  :

“It would not be right to produce a book on Celtic women without reference to the rich corpus of love poems and, indeed, erotic poetry which are written in the Celtic languages. In both Irish and Welsh, particularly, there was a great flourishing of courtly love poems in medieval times. By this time only vestiges of the former free sexual attitudes could be seen in this poetry, but those very vestiges were remarkable.” 

Not a topic I typically discuss on the blog, but I feel that human sexuality can create tensions that deserves to be explored and discussed… there are, of course, tasteful and not-so-tasteful ways of doing so, but as the book reads… “Irish love poetry is remarkable for its range, its richness, and its freedom… and this is true of it in all its kinds. Epic or romantic, courtly lyric or country song — all these kinds of Irish verse give us a treatment of love which is notable not only for its passion and beauty but also for its realism and its honesty.” 



1) Just leave a blog comment that includes a quote from a love poem that you’d like to share with us.

2) Winner will be announced next Wednesday, October 16th, 2013.

3) Have fun!

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Stability, intention, and purpose are intertwined. Their relationship is like that of soil, water, and sky, always working together to replenish the other through the cycle of precipitation and evaporation. It wasn’t until I had walked for two hours across sandy hills that this made sense, when I recognized that a simple adjustment in my footing made the journey through the dunes much less strenuous. To experience the joy and beauty of the dunes, I had to place my feet a certain way in order to secure them so I didn’t tire out. Just like *that* I was more able to get where I wanted to go!

While nature is perfect in its purpose, we must condition ourselves through awareness and practice to develop strategies that will work with us instead of against us in our pursuits. Whether it is business, love, a friendship, or a personal struggle you are going through, making even the most minor adjustment can reveal a more fruitful outcome.

Have a wonderful week!



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selected childhood works: summer



It is so hard to believe summer is over and the days are already noticeably shorter. This summer was unexpectedly packed with sessions that challenged my thinking, integrity, and dedication to approach; Moving more fully into a candid approach has been one of the most rewarding experiences for my clients, as well as for my own personal growth. I work primarily with young children in portraiture, so getting sincere expressions and body positions to illustrate that certain stage of their lives is very important. Summer’s portrait experiences were reminders about how much of a joy it is to work with children, on any occasion, in any weather conditions, and how much it means to be trusted taking photographs for parents.

Several weeks have gone by without sharing an individual session. Since the blog content is undergoing transition, I decided to select a few favorite images from the season-passed.  Future blog posts will move away from individual sessions altogether, so this post’s blend of faces and places is a great segue for what’s to come.



Return of the ‘Giveaway’ Posts in October: All future giveaways will feature books and/or eBooks from various genres, authors, and subjects:)

reflections | volume one: “QUIET” by yours truly: Intended to come out last week, the design process is (admittedly) slowing me down a bit. Very close to ready and will be available for eBook download, with optional donation.

Long Essay to be published: I am currently developing an essay on ethical concerns surrounding modern photography. The full essay will be available in 5×5 Magazine’s Winter Issue.

New Content: All around, the blog will have some interesting things going on — lots more writing, conversation starters, downloadable Blog “Issues”, valuable info that you can apply to your daily life, stuff you can utilize…. Overall, the higher quality and more intimate vibe will be quickly noticeable. I want this to be a space for readers and followers to ‘escape to light’.  I’m excited that ’escapetolight’ now has an ‘official’ logo to complement this change. Sort of just going with it rather than planning *too* much, unless it’s a video blog — in which case, planning is very necessary when you’re me, hehee. If you have suggestions or requests for specific posts, please feel free to leave me a comment!

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Max Takes on The Big World

Savannah, GA Childhood Session.

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- little daydreams -

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Curious L


This child carried with him a unique depth, every time he sprinted away from his mother and the camera;)

For Mr. L, this was part of the fun [being chased]. I like to feel out the personality of the children I work with before I react to their reactions; one child might run away because they really don’t want to be photographed. Not L. Those big happy smiles gave him away.

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