Photograph Children Just as They Are is available for purchase! We have 2 great products available, that were designed to compliment one another.

NOTE: This is NOT a Posing Guide! Very different from typical Child Posing Guides, this book explores some of the different personality types and characteristics that children possess, and how to best interact with them based on how they express themselves, to capture them just as they are without falling back on “safe” posing. The book also covers things like confidence building, beautiful image examples throughout, and strategies that Michelle has developed over the years as a result of her experience with childhood portraiture. A workbook and inspiration guide all in one! Untrain your mind from thinking about posing, and learn to watch, listen, and interact with this very down to earth guide.

You can print the guide cards and take them along with you for reference. The cards include things like lens used, body position, compositional tips, strategic tips, placement of sun, how the shot was acheived, etc. YES all of that is on these cards, in addition to beautiful image samples!

*Ebook comes as a 44 page .pdf – great for viewing on your ipad, netbook, notebook, OR desktop! Can also be printed!
*Guide Cards come as 18 printable .jpg files





Sarah Wilkerson from ClickinMoms Reviews this product: “Far from a Posing Guide, the 41 page printable book (along with 18 wonderfully refreshing Guide Cards) is a collection of advice and strategies that Michelle has consolidated in her years as a child photographer. Her forward pretty much sums it up: “This book is a reflection of my fascination with exploring the honest spirit of children.  There is much to learn from children, about one’s self and the rest of the world.”  Don’t you feel inspired already? In the book, Michelle discusses session management, suggested shooting sequences, how your attitude and approach influence the final product, good common sense advice (simple child psychology that will have you nodding your head and saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”), and more.  Whip out your pen and paper – you’ll want to take notes as you read!! While the book focuses on child portraiture, much of the advice applies to all of us as photographers — the last section in particular ( “Developing and Embracing your Vision” )  is a wonderful wakeup call – complete with a self-assessment quiz – that is worthwhile for any artist.  While rich on solid information, the book also features example images that help to drive her points home and showcase Michelle’s lovely work. The bonus guide cards are guaranteed to get you out of your creative rut. Michelle takes portraiture way beyond the typical headshot and full body capture.  The cards provide gorgeous sample images, diagrams, creative scenarios, specific guidance on lighting/time of day/lenses/vantage point, and more for a variety of shooting approaches. All in all, this is a highly recommended product.”


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