I was out foraging for raspberries earlier this year, when I came upon this tree (the one pictured above). Even from a distance I could see the difference in its size compared to the surrounding trees… and not only by its height; the branches were winding out and reaching up so wide it was like witnessing a forever-standing-embrace. When I went closer, I noticed that the roots were equally twisted, some growing out of the Earth. I thought about how many winters, springs, summers, and falls had this Great Tree witnessed!

Suddenly a flood of information came to me. This system of roots, trunk, branches, and leaves has been functioning together perfectly for maybe more than 100 years. Nestled in a wooded lake area, it has likely provided shade for thousands of fishermen, given a place of rest to birds and other little forest-beings.

Watering Your “Roots”

Without a strong sense of acceptance within yourself, it is easy to feel a lot of imbalance when things grow forth from your roots. Sometimes, we plunge our roots into soil that isn’t healthy. We water it, and water it again, yet nothing seems to grow. I read recently over at Expanded Consciousness¬†that dealing with the moment we’re in presently is the only way to get to the next present moment safely and effectively (you can read that post here: “9 Mind Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside Down”). By sewing the seeds of now, we can grow the roots that will lead to a sturdy trunk, from which the branches of every choice we make will extend… some longer and stronger than others. While some of our branches may break along the way, the roots will continue to dig deeper, working with the soil and water deep beneath the surface.

So envision yourself as the tree, the sun and air as the environment that you perceive and take in, and the roots are your conscious awareness (thoughts). Everything is influenced by those thoughts (the roots of your tree), so when they’re healthy and motivated by considering the ‘bigger picture’ — your roots will be healthy, your branches will grow more artfully, more gracefully, and more lush. And don’t forget, the more lush your branches become, the better it is for the health of your environment!

I thought this quote was fitting to close the post:-)

“Progress is rarely straight-forwardly linear.” – Alasdair MacIntyre


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