Sasha and Ryan – Wedding Day Short Film :)

Film certainly isn’t something I’d ever really considered until last year when I started doing behind the scenes footage during sessions. There’s something special about short films that is different from a full-length feature and has grabbed at me from the time I started to appreciate music videos put forth by Michael Jackson and Madonna in the 80′s, then onto¬†Tool, Radiohead, and other more abstract artists in the late 90′s (of course progressing from there and in many ways relative to photography). And I always loved {and still do} the November Rain video by Guns n Roses :p

{You can throw tomatoes now, thanks.}

My sister and friends used to make ‘clip videos’ when I was a teenager, where we would create short films out of different clips {only a few seconds long each}. So having worked with those, I do have some experience but haven’t put it to good use in quite sometime.

So before you watch, and you might get the idea without me needing to describe it….. the film’s intention is to project a feeling of soft, hazy memories from the day, as if to look back fondly without needing to fully see an entire ‘scene’ to feel it’s emotion. So I suppose maybe this could be like a Trailer of sorts but not really at all, and certainly not to any level of professionalism. It was challenging to photograph AND film video using the same camera, but I love a good challenge and I intend on doing more like this one during sessions and events for the sheer enjoyment factor.

This video is a tear-jerker, be warned… especially if you know Sasha or Ryan personally. They’re such beautiful people and it was an absolute honor to travel across the country and document the couple declaring their love for one another in front of their friends and family, exchanging rings, dancing, laughing, and all those special gazes. Hope you enjoy and in the meantime, I’ll be working on processing the photos. I’ll be sharing those very soon along with the formal announcement about diving back into regular wedding coverage. No matter where the ceremony is located. <3


OH… and pardon the little speck of dust on the sensor that went unnoticed until about an hour after the ceremony. Wheee! Booo. =\

Music by my Canadian love, Mike Matheson, project: Beef Terminal.

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Michelle Nichelson PhotographyJune 20, 2011 - 10:51 pm

Love the music, beautiful beginning, Sasha looks freaking GORGEOUS, what a beautiful location!!! That was beautiful, and KUDOS to you for VIDEO’ing AND photographing their wedding! You’re so amazing.

ChristyJune 21, 2011 - 12:12 pm

So I’ve decided that if I ever get married, I want you to be my photographer. And I hope to get married somewhere along the Amalfi coastline in Italy! Just thought I should let you know. ;)
You are amazing!

dezarai loveJune 24, 2011 - 11:06 pm

First of all I have to burn that cd! and I liked it.Very intimate and what more could you ask at your wedding..oh yeah the lettering reminds me of tim burton but different and thats always awesome :)

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