I’m playing a bit of catch up. This session was actually back in April, and I have a few more to share from then as well. I wanted to start with this one because I love the feeling of simplicity and vulnerability that this little one projected throughout our time together. She was shy but happy, energetic, but distracted by me. Not FROM me, mind you. In a park setting, it is fairly typical for little ones to be perfectly distracted which ends up being a dream situation in terms of candidness. In this case, I was the distraction. I seemed to frustrate her just enough to make her uneasy, but not enough to keep her from laughing when I tickled her. Once the child knows you are only there to enjoy their company and not to invade or control their world, things are a.o.k.


That same approach can be directly applied to parenting. I have a 9 year old son, and it is quite a challenging age, but of course all ages are challenging at different levels. I’ve been around children for a long, long time, as a ‘big cousin’, ‘big sister’ and ‘babysitter’…. and photography has had the most significant effect on my parenting skills. To be on your toes and communicate effectively, you have to be on the child’s team rather than against them. I’m not suggesting that you surrender your authority, but rather use your authority wisely to spawn a trusting relationship, and also so you can become more aware of their boundaries. It is just as important to respect a child’s boundaries as it is for you to gain their respect for yours. <3

So here we have little Q. showing me her boundaries. It really wasn’t too difficult to illustrate the sweet side of herself that she’s so protective of:)

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